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Weird But True Know-It-All: Greek Mythology
Ages 8-Up
ISBN: 9781426331893
Price: $12.99
Published by: National Geographic Kids

Weird But True Know-It-All: Greek Mythology

by Sarah Wassner Flynn
Classic stories from Greek mythology come to life in this latest single-subject themed book in the Weird But True spin-off series, Know-It-All.

Zeus, Hades, Aphrodite, Hera, Poseidon, Hercules, Achilles, Ares, Apollo, Athena, Artemis, Dionysus, Prometheus! Fans of Rick Riordan will find this is the perfect companion book to dive a little deeper into the incredible stories from Greek mythology. Weird-but-true facts accompanied by lush original full-color art cover everything kids need to know about all their favorite Greek gods, heroes, monsters, quests, muses, and famous philosophers. From who gave mankind fire to famous fatal flaws to who stood guard at the Underworld, this book includes all the iconic Greek myths and key characters–and then goes one wonderfully weird step beyond.
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