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Mini Myths: Brush Your Hair, Medusa!
Ages 1-3
Illustrated by: Leslie Patricelli
ISBN: 9781419709531
Price: $6.95
Published by: Abrams Books for Young Readers, Amulet Books, Abrams Appleseed

Mini Myths: Brush Your Hair, Medusa!

by Joan Holub
Medusa refuses to care for her hair, her long locks getting knottier and dirtier with each passing page. Her hair rebellion elicits frozen expressions of shock from her family, but nothing will convince Medusa to brush. Only her hairdresser approaches Medusa with bravery and a blade, successfully solving the problem . . . with a short haircut! All are pleased with this drastic yet adorable solution. Leslie Patricelli’s depictions of this physical comedy bring a lively visual narrative to Joan Holub’s expertly focused text. Includes a summary of the original Medusa’s Wild Hair myth at the end.
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