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How The Piloses Evolved Skinny Noses
Ages 5-9
Illustrated by: Chen-hui Chang
ISBN: 9781943431267
Price: $17.95
Published by: Tumblehome Learning, Inc.

How The Piloses Evolved Skinny Noses

by Deborah Kelemen, Ph.D.

Developed by learning experts and backed by scientific research, this simple story of adaptation explains how animals come to have the special body parts that they do, setting children on a lifelong path to a clear scientific understanding of evolution.

The piloses are a busy species, spending their days snuffling up the millibugs that keep them healthy and strong. But as the climate grows hotter, the millibugs disappear into deep underground tunnels. What happens to piloses who can no longer reach the millibugs? And what happens to the pilose species over time? Journey with these engaging creatures as they introduce children to the amazing mechanism of natural selection.

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