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In 1919, at the urging of Franklin K. Mathiews, Librarian of the Boy Scouts of America, Children’s Book Week (CBW) was founded to focus attention on the need for quality children’s books and the importance of childhood literacy.

In 1944-1945, Frederick Melcher, then editor of Publishers Weekly, entrusted the responsibility for Children’s Book Week to the newly-established Association of Children’s Book Editors. As this group expanded Book Week activities, it evolved into what is now known as the Children’s Book Council (CBC).

Since that time, the CBC has sponsored Children’s Book Week, now the nation’s longest-running literacy initiative. In 2008, Every Child a Reader — a 501 (c)(3) literacy non-profit 2013Book-Week-Posterdedicated to instilling a lifelong love of reading in children — became responsible for the overall administration of the initiative.

Over the past 70 years, the CBC has developed from an organization created to oversee Children’s Book Week into an active and vibrant advocate for the children’s publishing industry.

Our work includes educational programming for employees of our member publishers, collaborative projects with other national organizations, and literacy initiatives that highlight the quality and variety of children’s literature available today.

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