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Now | May 2, 2018

By Antoinette Portis (Roaring Book Press)

The simple yet bold cover of Now drew me in, and I’m so glad it did. Antoinette Portis illustrates the important message of “living in the moment” through her words and art. A young girl feels a strong breeze as she walks barefoot outside – this is her favorite breeze. She holds up a worm in her two hands – this is her favorite worm. She gives her cat a big hug – this is her favorite hug. As she experiences various moments and interactions, both old and new, she declares each thing as her favorite because she’s experiencing each of them right now. At the end of the book, the girl is reading a book with her mom and states, “And this is my favorite now because it’s the one I am having…with you.”

Both children and adults alike can learn from this beautiful book about mindfulness and appreciating what’s happening right now. Now serves as a gentle reminder to adults that for most children, each moment is their most important or favorite one yet, which we as adults influence more than we’re aware of in those moments. Portis reminds us to be mindful for our own sake and for those around us. This book is my favorite… because it’s the one that I’m reading.

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