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Bay Area Book Festival

The Bay Area will host a new book festival in 2015. Activities and spaces for kids will include a Children’s Arena and a series of YA panels. Sherman Alexie, Neil Gaiman, Daniel Handler (of Lemony Snicket fame) and many more fantastic authors will attend, speak on panels, and run workshops. 

“There’s no better time and place for a new book festival. We have a truly extraordinary convergence of strengths in literary community, technological innovation and civil society.

Spanning the region—gorgeous Marin to the wired Silicon Valley, the edgy East Bay to fabled San Francisco, and our wharfs, deltas and fields to the Sierras of John Muir’s journals—the Bay Area Book Festival can help us continue to open frontiers. The Bay Area is the global capital of possibility. What are books about, if not opening possibility every time we turn a page?”

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