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Weird but True Sticker Doodle Book

Weird but True Sticker Doodle Book

by National Geographic Kids

Grab a pencil and put on your Weird But True hat! It’s time to explore our amazing and very weird world with the newest spin-off of the Weird But True series, where YOU get to illustrate just how strange and cool our world can be. Discover amazing weird facts and then doodle, draw, or color a strange scene right on the page. Did you know that giraffes only need to sleep 90 minutes a day? Well, that might make a totally fun sleepover. Did you know that there’s a town in France that holds a pig festival every year? Doodle some funny outfits onto those pigs! Enhance your wacky masterpieces with 150 fun stickers, included in the book. It’s a great new way to lay and the perfect boredom-buster for rainy days or car rides.

Ages: 7-12
ISBN: 9781426324567
Price: $12.99
Published by: National Geographic Kids

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