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Trailblazers: 33 Women in Science Who Changed the World

Trailblazers: 33 Women in Science Who Changed the World

by Rachel Swaby

This middle-grade work, inspired by the authors’ Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science–and the World, profiles a cross-section of history’s female scientists who have made important strides in the fields of Biology, Health and Medicine, Earth and Stars, and Technology and Invention. Perfect for STEM and classroom use.

Middle grade readers will be fascinated by these awe-inspiring short profiles of important female scientists in various fields. The book is thematically arranged to include: Biology; Health and Medicine; Earth and Stars; and Technology and Invention and highlights how the contributions made by scientists in these fields have changed the world and continue to affect everyday life. This work for a younger audience is inspired by the author’s adult work, Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science–and the World.

Ages: 7-12
ISBN: 9780399553967
Price: $15.99
Published by: Random House Children's Books


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