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The Only Living Boy #1: “Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet”

The Only Living Boy #1: “Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet”

by David Gallaher

If you were the only living boy on the planet, what would you do?

When 12-year old Erik Farrell runs away from home, he finds himself without his memory, stranded on a patchwork planet with danger lurking around every corner. Now every day is a struggle to survive. Luckily, Erik quickly makes friends like Morgan, a mermaid warrior and Thea, a teenage princess from a mysterious insect race. He’ll need their help to escape the Dreaded Lord Baalikar and the evil Doctor Once and maybe, one day, find his way back home.

Ages: 8-up
Illustrated by: Steve Ellis
ISBN: 9781629914428
Price: $8.99
Published by: Bloomsbury Children's Books and Walker Books for Young Readers


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