Rabbids #1: Bwaaaaaaaaaah!

Rabbids #1: Bwaaaaaaaaaah!

by Thitaume

The hyper-active, super-adorable, crazed stars of a gazillion video games from Ubisoft and the hit animated series on Nickelodeon now star in an all-new graphic novel series from Papercutz!
This may be the craziest graphic novel ever published! The Rabbids are likely to do anything in their very first graphic novel— including finding ways to destroy the whole thing! You won’t believe your eyes when they paint over a finished page of comics to play tic-tac-toe! Or turn the power off for two pages, plunging the comics into near total darkness (the Rabbid does have a flash light though…)! Nothing is safe from the Rabbids! Who knows where they will strike next?!

Ages: 6-up
Illustrated by: Romain Pujol
ISBN: 9781629910499
Price: $12.99
Published by: Papercutz


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