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Ladies First: Women Athletes Who Made a Difference

Ladies First: Women Athletes Who Made a Difference

by Ken Rappoport

Veteran author and journalist Ken Rappoport showcases a dozen of the twentieth century’s greatest female athletes—from tennis pro Althea Gibson, the first African-American woman to win at Wimbledon, to Susan Butcher, four-time winner of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Each dramatic, action-packed profile shows how these pioneering women made a lasting impact not only on their sport but also on society by overcoming discrimination against their gender, and sometimes their race, and by challenging popular misconceptions about women and sports.

Young readers will find in each of these women the courage, perseverance, and dedication that made them great athletes during their own times and strong role models for today. A bonus chapter at the end highlights The All-American Red Heads Basketball team.

Ages: 7-12
ISBN: 9781561455348
Price: $8.95
Published by: Peachtree Publishers


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