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Hoppelpopp and the Best Bunny

Hoppelpopp and the Best Bunny

by Mira Lobe

This sweet story promotes friendship and teamwork.

Binny, Benny, Bernie, Bonnie, and Buddy are very good friends. The five bunnies sleep together, eat together, and play together. One day a big rabbit named Hoppelpopp comes along and asks, “Who is the best bunny?” The question turns the happy friends into rivals. They are desperate to know who is the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, and the bravest, and they compete to prove it. But when a badger threatens the group, will the bunnies stick together?

Ages: 4-8
Illustrated by: Angelika Kaufmann
ISBN: 9780823432875
Price: $16.95
Published by: Holiday House, Inc.


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