by Stephen Krensky

They glide down darkened halls and staircases. They rattle around abandoned prisons. They pop up in front of loved ones with mysterious messages. You’d think eternal rest would appeal more than haunting some old castle, but ghosts just can’t seem to move on. Why do ghosts do what they do? And why are we fascinated enough to include ghosts in plays, novels, movies, and TV shows? Learn more about the history and pop culture surrounding these spooky creatures.

Ages: 9-14
ISBN: 978-0822567622
Price: $26.60
Published by: Lerner Publications


  • The Other Talk Reckoning with Our White Privilege
  • The Hazards of Love: Bright World
  • Last Night at the Telegraph Club
  • Himawari House
  • Disability Visability (Adapted for Young Adults): 17 First-Person Stories for Today
  • A Sitting in St. James
  • The Hawthorne Legacy
  • Blackout
  • Call Me Athena: Girl from Detroit
  • Beasts of Prey
  • Firekeeper’s Daughter
  • Heartstopper #3
  • Instructions for Dancing
  • Concrete Rose
  • The Heartbreak Bakery
  • Firekeeper’s Daughter
  • Heartstopper #3
  • The Hawthorne Legacy
  • The Sea-Ringed World: Sacred Stories of the Americas
  • The Last Cuentista
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