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Geronimo Stilton 3-in-1 Vol.3

Geronimo Stilton 3-in-1 Vol.3

by Geronimo Stilton

The hit Scholastic chapter book series has been successfully followed up with this best-selling graphic novel series from Papercutz. As Geronimo continues to garner new fans from his animated adventures seen on Netflix and Amazon Prime, Papercutz proudly collects 3 Geronimo Stilton graphic novels in 1! Geronimo Stilton and friends travel back to the past in the Speedrat to save the future from dastardly Pirate Cats. First up, head back to visit the Dinosaurs, then save Mozart from composing a CAT-astrophe, and finally help Geronimo invent the printing press. Fun and educational, Geronimo Stilton has a huge fan following and thanks to the new animated series, that following is getting larger all the time!

Ages: 7-Up
ISBN: 9781545803103
Price: $14.99
Published by: Papercutz


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