Dirty Rats?

Dirty Rats?

by Darrin Lunde

Think you know about rats? They’re dirty, disgusting, and spread diseases. They should be trapped and killed. The world would be better off without them. But, wait…

What about laboratory rats that help scientists learn about disease and ways to ease human suffering? What about the animals that prey on rats for food? Or, how about African giant pouched rats whose heightened sense of smell is used by demolition experts to locate explosives in minefields? Many rats live clean, healthy lives and are a useful part of their ecosystems. Some are even—dare we say it—cute.

Young readers are introduced to several species—including their binomial nomenclature—and learn where they live, what they eat, how they communicate, and more.

Ages: 3-7
Illustrated by: Adam Gustavson
ISBN: 9781580895668
Price: $16.95
Published by: Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.


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