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by Marilyn Singer

Caterpillars attract children like magnets—their shapes, colors, and locomotion styles are impossible to resist. Now children can explore the dazzling diversity of the world’s caterpillars illustrated in hundreds of four-color photos. The charm of these larval forms of moths and butterflies is captured in verse and easy-to-follow narrative text by award-winning nature writer Marilyn Singer. Discover caterpillars with bright colors and fake faces used to deter predators. See why their amazing patterns help caterpillars blend in with surroundings such as leaves, tree trunks, and even bird poop! Marvel at species that travel great distances in herds through forests in search of food, and others that live alone, dangling on the ends of leaves. Learn why caterpillars are hungrier than teenagers, storing food energy for their transformation into butterflies and moths during metamorphosis, and why some birds and insects view caterpillars as the tastiest of treats. Includes glossary, index, and interactive quizzes. Real science has never been so much fun!

Ages: 7-12
ISBN: 978-0979745577
Price: $14.95
Published by: EarlyLight Books


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