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Captain Marvel (My Mighty Marvel First Book)

Captain Marvel (My Mighty Marvel First Book)

by Marvel Entertainment

Ages: 4-6
Illustrated by: Jim Mooney, with John Buscema, Keith Pollard, Carmine Infantino, and Dave Cockrum
ISBN: 9781419764127


  • Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus
  • You Are Part of the Wonder
  • Worries Big and Small
  • Why We Dance
  • What’s Inside?
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighttime Sky
  • Trickster in the Vase
  • This Book Is Full of Holes
  • Tender Beasts
  • Talking Science
  • STEMville Stories: The Bee Connection
  • Stitch Head: The Spider’s Lair
  • Sounds Good! Discover 50 Instruments
  • Soren’s Seventh Song
  • Somebody Needs to Do Something About That Monster!
  • The Solvers #2: The Shrinking Setback
  • The Solvers #1: The Divmulti Ray Dilemma
  • Snowglobe
  • Skater Boy
  • She’ll Be the Sky
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