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Betsy’s Day at the Game

Betsy’s Day at the Game

by Greg Bancroft

Betsy loves hanging out with her grandfather, especially at the ballpark. Today is another game day, and Betsy is ready to show her grandpa all she’s learned about keeping score. Best of all, some exciting things are about to happen at today’s game. As the anticipation builds, Betsy keeps track of it all—foul balls, home runs, and favorite players.

This heartwarming story about a family tradition and America’s favorite pastime includes a fully illustrated scorecard. With great illustrations, Betsy’s Day at the Game teaches kids how to fill out a scorecard, and encourages them to share their memories with their families.

Ages: 4-6
Illustrated by: Katherine Blackmore
ISBN (paperback): 9781938063015
ISBN (ebook): 9781938063022
Price: $13.95
Published by: Scarletta Press


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