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Express Yourself (Fall 2019)

Katy KeeneKaty Keene
by Archie Superstars
The Archies Vol. 1The Archies Vol. 1
by Matthew Rosenberg, Alex Segura
Josie and the Pussycats Vol. 2Josie and the Pussycats Vol. 2
by Marguerite Bennett, Cameron DeOrdio
Life with Kevin Vol. 1Life with Kevin Vol. 1
by Dan Parent
Ruby Finds a WorryRuby Finds a Worry
by Tom Percival
Perfectly NormanPerfectly Norman
by Tom Percival
Lola DutchLola Dutch
by Kenneth Wright
Wild and CrookedWild and Crooked
by Leah Thomas
Watch Us RiseWatch Us Rise
by Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan
Inventing VictoriaInventing Victoria
by Tonya Bolden
Lumberjanes Vol 1Lumberjanes Vol 1
by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis
Fence Vol 1Fence Vol 1
by C.S. Pacat
The Avant-Guards Vol 1The Avant-Guards Vol 1
by Carly Usdin
The Backstagers Vol 1The Backstagers Vol 1
by James Tynion IV
Hotel DareHotel Dare
by Terry Blas
Matchy MatchyMatchy Matchy
by Erin McGill
Julián Is a MermaidJulián Is a Mermaid
by Jessica Love
Want To Play Trucks?Want To Play Trucks?
by Ann Stott
Lizard RadioLizard Radio
by Pat Schmatz
Where the Heart isWhere the Heart is
by Jo Knowles
Frank and BeanFrank and Bean
by Jamie Michalak
by Jess Hong
 Feminism Is Feminism Is
by Foreword by Roxane Gay
Celebrations Around the WorldCelebrations Around the World
by  Katy Halford
by Michael Smith
Mei Ling in China CityMei Ling in China City
by Icy Smith
A Different StoryA Different Story
by Adolfo Serra 
I’ll Root for YouI’ll Root for You
by Edward van de Vendel
Phone Call with a FishPhone Call with a Fish
by Silvia Vecchini 
My Name Is SangoelMy Name Is Sangoel
by Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed
When No One Is WatchingWhen No One Is Watching
by Eileen Spinelli
The Call of the SwampThe Call of the Swamp
by Davide Cali 
The Peculiar PossumThe Peculiar Possum
by Tracey Hecht
by Jory John
by Ashley Franklin
by Maulik Pancholy
by Yamile Mendez
by Kim Tomsic
I Like MyselfI Like Myself
by Karen Beaumont
Carrot and PeaCarrot and Pea
by Morag Hood
Emmy in the Key of CodeEmmy in the Key of Code
by Aimee Lucido
by Kayla Miller
Fly GirlsFly Girls
by Keith O'Brien
The Hundred DressesThe Hundred Dresses
by Eleonor Estes
Cautious ChameleonCautious Chameleon
by Michael Buxton
Steady SlothSteady Sloth
by Michael Buxton
by Jen Wang
Dream It! A Playbook to Spark Your AwesomenessDream It! A Playbook to Spark Your Awesomeness
by Scott Stoll and Sara E. Williams
Neon Words: 10 Brilliant Ways to Light Up Your WritingNeon Words
by Marge Pellegrino and Kay Sather
Jacob’s Room to ChooseJacob’s Room to Choose
by Sarah and Ian Hoffman
Fantastic YouFantastic You
by Danielle Dufayet
Lucy’s LightLucy’s Light
by Jo Rooks
The Day You BeginThe Day You Begin
by Jacqueline Woodson
One of a KindOne of a Kind
by Chris Gorman
The Peculiar PigThe Peculiar Pig
by Joy Steuerwald
Going Down Home with DaddyGoing Down Home with Daddy
by Kelly Starling Lyons
Away with Words: The Daring Story of Isabella BirdAway with Words
by Lori Mortensen
Carter Reads the NewspaperCarter Reads the Newspaper
by Deborah Hopkinson
Garden of My ImaanGarden of My Imaan
by Farhana Zia
King of the Tightrope: When the Great Blondin Ruled NiagaraKing of the Tightrope
by Donna Janell Bowman
The Secret Science of MagicThe Secret Science of Magic
by Melissa Keil
An ABC of EqualityAn ABC of Equality
by Chana Ginelle Ewing
Queer HeroesQueer Heroes
by Arabelle Sicardi
This Book Is Anti-RacistThis Book Is Anti-Racist
by Tiffany Jewell
Yay! You’re Gay! Now What?Yay! You’re Gay! Now What?
by Riyadh Khalaf
Humperdink Our Elephant FriendHumperdink Our Elephant Friend
by Sean Taylor
Ella May Does It Her WayElla May Does It Her Way
by Mick Jackson
The GayBCsThe GayBCs
by M. L. Webb
Ghost in the WaterGhost in the Water
by The Editors at Science Naturally
Magnicifent Homespun BrownMagnicifent Homespun Brown
by Samara Cole Doyon
The Buddy BenchThe Buddy Bench
by Patty Brozo
Lailah’s LunchboxLailah’s Lunchbox
by Reem Faruqi
Miss Pinkeltink’s PurseMiss Pinkeltink’s Purse
by Patty Brozo
The Soda Bottle SchoolThe Soda Bottle School
by Suzanne Slade
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