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Around the World (Spring 2019)

For our new CBC Showcase, we will be featuring books about people and cultures from around the world. From historical to contemporary fiction, from history to biography, let’s celebrate diverse cultures.

Manjhi Moves a MountainManjhi Moves a Mountain
by Nancy Churnin
A Calf Named Brian HigginsA Calf Named Brian Higgins
by Kristen Ball
A Winter’s PromiseA Winter’s Promise
by Christelle Dabos
The Missing of ClairdeluneThe Missing of Clairdelune
by Christelle Dabos
Aru Shah and the End of TimeAru Shah and the End of Time
by Roshani Chokshi
The Storm RunnerThe Storm Runner
by J.C. Cervantes
Dragon PearlDragon Pearl
by Yoon Ha Lee
Who Belongs Here?: An American StoryWho Belongs Here?
by Margy Burns Knight
Welcoming BabiesWelcoming Babies
by Margy Burns Knight
Lailah’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan StoryLailah’s Lunchbox
by Reem Faruqi
Amadi’s Snowman: A Story of ReadingAmadi’s Snowman
by Katia Novet Saint-lot
Thanks to the AnimalsThanks to the Animals
by Allen Sockabasin
Ode to an OnionOde to an Onion
by Alexandria Giardino
Pancakes to ParathasPancakes to Parathas
by Alice B. McGinty
Magic RamenMagic Ramen
by Andrea Wang
House Without WallsHouse Without Walls
by Ching Yeung Russell
Adventures to SchoolAdventures to School
by Baptiste Paul and Miranda Paul
Rice from HeavenRice from Heaven
by Tina Cho
The Great Wall of ChinaThe Great Wall of China
by Nancy Ohlin
Painting in the DarkPainting in the Dark
by Rachelle Burk
Seeking the Snow LeopardSeeking the Snow Leopard
by Jon Miceler
Talking Walls: Discover Your WorldTalking Walls
by Margy Burns Knight
Bad Machinery Vol. 1: The Case of the Team Spirit (Pocket Edition)Bad Machinery Vol. 1
by John Allison
Lola: A Ghost StoryLola
by J. Torres
Poppies of IraqPoppies of Iraq
by Brigitte Findakly
Kitaro the Vampire SlayerKitaro the Vampire Slayer
by Shigeru Mizuki, Zack Davisson (Translator)
Blame This on the BoogieBlame This on the Boogie
by Rina Ayuyang
Aya: Life in Yop CityAya
by Marguerite Abouet, Helge Dascher (Translator)
The StrangeThe Strange
by Jérôme Ruillier, Helge Dascher (Translator)
Moomin and the BrigandsMoomin and the Brigands
by Tove Jansson
by Yuyi Morales
Two Brothers, Four Hands: The Artists Alberto and Diego GiacomettiTwo Brothers, Four Hands
by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan
I Am Hermes!I Am Hermes!
by Mordicai Gerstein
Saving HannoSaving Hanno
by Miriam Halahmy
D is for Dragon DanceD is for Dragon Dance
by Ying Chang Compestine
The Taco StandThe Taco Stand
by Tim S. Vasquez
by Lisa Ally
by Joyce Markovics
by Anastasiya Vasilyeva
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
by Anastasiya Vasilyeva
by Heather DiLorenzo Williams
by Joyce Markovics
Pope Francis: Builder of BridgesPope Francis
by Emma Otheguy
Papa Francisco: Creador de puentesPapa Francisco
by Emma Otheguy
The Silk Roads: An Illustrated New History of the WorldThe Silk Roads
by Peter Frankopan
The Restless GirlsThe Restless Girls
by Jessie Burton
Si mi mamá fuera un ornitorrinco: Los bebés mamíferos y sus madresSi mi mamá fuera un ornitorrinco
by Dia L. Michels
If My Mom Were A Platypus: Mammal Babies and their MothersIf My Mom Were A Platypus
by Dia L. Michels
Leonardo da Vinci Gets a Do-OverLeonardo da Vinci Gets a Do-Over
by Mark P. Friedlander
Pattan’s PumpkinPattan’s Pumpkin
by Chitra Soundar
Patchwork BikePatchwork Bike
by Maxine Beneba Clarke
Welcome to Country: A Traditional Aboriginal CeremonyWelcome to Country
by Aunty Joy Murphy
by Mina Javaherbin
by Jeannie Baker
by Tom Clohosy Close
Pip and the Bamboo PathPip and the Bamboo Path
by Jesse Hodgson
Ancient WarriorsAncient Warriors
by Iris Volant
Boats: Fast & SlowBoats
by Iris Volant
by Sangma Francis
Under the CanopyUnder the Canopy
by Iris Volant
The JourneyThe Journey
by Francesca Sanna
The Story of PeopleThe Story of People
by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams
Curiositree: Human WorldCuriositree
by AJ Wood and Mike Jolley
Egypt MagnifiedEgypt Magnified
by David Long
Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the WorldAtlas of Adventures
by Lucy Letherland
by Ahn Do
The Moon WithinThe Moon Within
by Aida Salazar
Saffron Ice CreamSaffron Ice Cream
by Rashin Kheiriyeh
Hurricane ChildHurricane Child
by Kheryn Callender
Give Me Some TruthGive Me Some Truth
by Eric Gansworth
All Are WelcomeAll Are Welcome
by Alexandra Penfold
We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our VoicesWe Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices
by Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson
Silver Meadows SummerSilver Meadows Summer
by Emma Otheguy
DK Life Stories: GandhiDK Life Stories
by Diane Bailey
DK Life Stories: Nelson MandelaDK Life Stories
by Stephen Krensky
Celebrations Around the WorldCelebrations Around the World
by Katy Halford
Rainbow: A First Book of PrideRainbow
by Michael Genhart
Marvelous Maravilloso: Me and My Beautiful FamilyMarvelous Maravilloso
by Carrie Lara
Something Happened in Our Town: A Child’s Story About Racial InjusticeSomething Happened in Our Town
by Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins, and Ann Hazzard
When You Look Out the Window: How Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin Built a CommunityWhen You Look Out the Window
by Gayle Pitman
Either Way: Story of a Gay KidEither Way
by Sandra Levins
This Day in JuneThis Day in June
by Gayle Pitman
The 5 O’Clock BandThe 5 O’Clock Band
by Troy Andrews
by Duncan Tonatiuh
China: A HistoryChina
by Cheryl Bardoe & The Field Museum
Mummies Exposed!Mummies Exposed!
by Kerrie Logan Hollihan
Stonewall RiotsStonewall Riots
by Gayle E Pitman
Beast RiderBeast Rider
by Tony Johnston and Maria Elena Fontanot de Rhoads
Mina vs. the MonsoonMina vs. the Monsoon
by Rukhsanna Guidroz
Milky WayMilky Way
by Mamta Nainy
Jaipur JamboreeJaipur Jamboree
by Kala Sambasivan
Amla MaterAmla Mater
by Devi Menon
The Sorcerer of MandalaThe Sorcerer of Mandala
by D Kalyanaraman
A Puzzling Tour of IndiaA Puzzling Tour of India
by Ambika Sambasivan
by Shan Correa
Immi’s GiftImmi’s Gift
by Karin Littlewood
The Garden of My ImaanThe Garden of My Imaan
by Farhana Zia
Truth and SalsaTruth and Salsa
by Linda Lowery
I Am Tama, Lucky Cat: A Japanese LegendI Am Tama, Lucky Cat
by Wendy Henrichs
Holi ColorsHoli Colors
by Rina Singh
Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family’s JourneyStepping Stones
by Margriet Ruurs
Ramadan: The Holy Month of FastingRamadan
by Ausma Zehanat Khan
by Loretta Seto
The Wild BeastThe Wild Beast
by Eric Walters
Passover: Festival of FreedomPassover
by Monique Polak
Dear America Young Readers’ EditionDear America Young Readers’ Edition
by Jose Antonio Vargas
by Maya Montayne
This Time Will Be DifferentThis Time Will Be Different
by Misa Sugiura
Buried Beneath the Baobab TreeBuried Beneath the Baobab Tree
by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani
Planting Stories: The Life of Librarian and Storyteller Pura BelpréPlanting Stories
by Anika Aldamuy Denise
How Raven Got His Crooked NoseHow Raven Got His Crooked Nose
by Barbara J. Atwater (Retold by), Ethan J. Atwater (Retold by)
Children of the First People: Fresh Voices of Alaska’s Native KidsChildren of the First People
by Tricia Brown
Yao Bai and the Egg PiratesYao Bai and the Egg Pirates
by Tim J. Myers
Recess at 20 BelowRecess at 20 Below
by Cindy Lou Aillaud
Anna HibiscusAnna Hibiscus
by Atinuke
What a Wonderful WordWhat a Wonderful Word
by Nicola Edwards
Grandma’s FavoriteGrandma’s Favorite
by Erin Dealey
Mi abuela y yoMi abuela y yo
by Erin Dealey
Grandpa’s FavoriteGrandpa’s Favorite
by Erin Dealey
Mi abuelo y yoMi abuelo y yo
by Erin Dealey
by Eoin Colfer
Lexie’s Little LieLexie’s Little Lie
by Emma Shevah
Dara Palmer’s Major DramaDara Palmer’s Major Drama
by Emma Shevah
Dream On, AmberDream On, Amber
by Emma Shevah
Rebels by AccidentRebels by Accident
by Patricia Dunn
Kids Who Are Changing the WorldKids Who Are Changing the World
by Anne Jankeliowitch
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