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Sonnet for the Banned

The CBC is proud to partner with 4th-grade teacher and spoken word artist Toney Jackson. Toney has written an original sonnet in support of libraries and librarians, and he has also given us permission to share with the world a reading of his sonnet.

You can see and hear Toney reading his powerful sonnet on these CBC platforms:

Sonnet for the Banned, by Toney Jackson

I pull up to the library with my

Army of speakers. We plug ourselves in

We pack the power to face and defy

attempts to silence our voices or pens

You see these instruments play notes of change

We beat riotous rhythms with our drums

We resist the attempts to keep us caged

And claim the right to say what is to come

This building is a hard rock house of blues

It holds these words that we hold essential

They seek to quiet and whitewash our hues

Remove the holiness from our temple

Speakers, turn your volume way up and stand

Band together in defense of the banned

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Toney Jackson is a 4th-grade teacher and teaching artist from Hackensack, NJ. He is an author/illustrator, songwriter, and poet who brings his passion & love for learning into the classroom. Toney also works as an educational consultant and speaker, sharing with crowds of educators across the world. Central to Toney’s work and art is a commitment to justice and the love of learning. 

Toney will also be featured on a Get Caught Reading poster this month!

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