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ECC 2023: Terms of the Year

Publishing term definitions from the Early Career Committee

Name: Jon Simeon
Position: Assistant Designer
House: Charlesbridge

Letterform: a term in typography that refers to a letter, its design, and shape.

Font: a collection of similarly shaped and styled letterforms. I.e. Futura Bold refers to the bold font of Futura. It’s often confused with the term typeface.

Typeface: a collection of fonts. Or more specifically, the term for the collection of letterform designs—often this is the name that defines the identity of the letterforms. i.e. Futura.Ligature: a letterform that fuses together the forms of two letters. Common ligatures in English are <fi> <ff> <ft> <ti><tt>. Since these are more of design flourishes in type design and can impede legibility, we typically avoid ligatures when setting type for kids books!

Name: Maggie Salko
Position: Marketing Coordinator
House: Little Bee Books

Reach: The number of people an ad has reached so far. Each viewer will only be counted once when totalling an ad’s reach.

Impressions: The number of times an ad has been seen. The same viewer can see the ad multiple times, and each time will count towards the total. This is why impressions typically end up higher than an ad’s reach.

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