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Outer Space Weekend

The CBC Holidays Series explores stories that relate to specific holidays so that readers of all ages can celebrate in the best way… with a good book!

This weekend, we are celebrating all things outer space with International Asteroid Day (6/30), National Meteor Watch Day (6/30), and World UFO Day (7/2). Whether it’s zooming space rocks or unidentified flying saucers, outer space is full of mystery and wonder. Even if you can’t visit the final frontier itself, you can visit a local space museum, go stargazing, or wait for the news to let you know when a meteor shower is happening in your area. If you think space rocks and want to comet on it, celebrate these fun holidays this weeked!

Asteroid Goldberg: Passover in Outer Space, by Brianna Caplan Sayres; illus. Merrill Rainey (Intergalactic Afikoman) — Fiction, Picture Book, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Holidays, ages 4-6.

Baby Scientist: Volume Number 2: Baby Astronaut, by Dr. Laura Gehl; illus. Daniel Wiseman (HarperCollins / HarperFestival) — Nonfiction, Picture Book, Science, Series, ages 0-3.

Bizzy Bear: Space Rocket, written and illustrated by Benji Davies (Candlewick Press) — Fiction, Board Book, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Series, ages 0-3.

Breaking News: Alien Alert, written and illustrated by David Biedrzycki (Charlesbridge) — Fiction, Picture Book, Animals, Humor, Series, ages 4-6.

Carlton Crumple Creature Catcher 3: Reptoids from Space!, by David Fremont (Holiday House / Pixel+Ink) — Fiction, Graphic Novel, Humor, Action / Adventure, Mystery / Thriller, ages 7-12.

Charlie Numbers and the UFO Bash, by Ben and Tonya Mezrich (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers) — Fiction, Prose, Math, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Series, ages 7-12.

Commander Toad and the Dis-Asteroid, by Jane Yolen (Penguin Young Readers / Puffin Books) — Fiction, Prose, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action / Adventure, Humor, ages 4-6.

Five Alien Elves, by Gregory Maguire; illus. Elaine Clayton (HarperCollins / Clarion Press) — Fiction, Picture Book, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Holidays, ages 7-12.

Fry Guys, by Eric Geron; illus. Jannie Ho (Andrews McMeel Publishing) — Fiction, Graphic Novel, Humor, Action / Adventure, Series, ages 7-12.

An Illustrated History of UFOs, by Adam Allsuch Boardman (Nobrow) — Nonfiction, Prose, Science, History, Series, Teen.

Infinity Blast and the Space Weapon of Doom, by Brad Wright; illus. Daniel O’Brien (Reycraft Books) — Fiction, Picture Book, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action / Adventure, ages 7-12.

Jelly Bean Summer, by Joyce Magnin (Sourcebooks Young Readers) — Fiction, Prose, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Historical Fiction, ages 7-12.

Life in Outer Space, by Melissa Keil (Peachtree Publishers) — Fiction, Prose, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Teen.

Star Wars The High Republic: Quest for Planet X, by Tessa Gratton (Disney Publishing Worldwide) — Fiction, Prose, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action / Adventure, Series, ages 7-12.

They Came, by Mark Tatulli (Macmillan / Roaring Brook Press) — Fiction, Picture Book, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery / Thriller, ages 4-6.

Whoa! UFO!: Objects in the Sky, by Kirsten Larsen; illus. Barry Gott (Astra Publishing House / Kane Press) — Fiction, Picture Book, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, ages 4-6.

Celebrate Outer Space Weekend by reading a book!

List compiled by CBC’s resident holiday expert, Sommer Wissner. Check out other CBC Holiday book lists on our blog.

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