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ECC 2022: Events Recap

What was the ECC up to in 2022?

To kickstart 2022, we hosted a Virtual Trivia Night in early February. We love starting the year off with a lighthearted event that gets our brains going with some book trivia, while also connecting with other young publishing professionals. We are pleased to announce that Trivia Night is coming in early 2023 for a third consecutive year. We’re continually looking to bring more engaging experiences for everyone, so we will be using the platform Gather this year. Keep an eye out for invites!

Several of our educational panels in the past were about advocating for ourselves as young professionals, and how to start climbing the publishing ladder once we got our feet in the door of the industry. In 2022, we wanted to move beyond that and explore multiple publishing departments. We know that a person’s career can have many layers and paths because a plethora of interests come into play when deciding the kind of work they want to do. This Exploring Departments Panel event featured publishing professionals from sub-rights, managing editorial, and production editorial who discussed the ins and outs of their departments that many young professionals may not be aware of. The recordings, with written transcripts, of these events are available for CBC Member employees and interns on our website. Please email me for the password. 

Lastly, our beloved ECC Book Club returned for the entirety of 2022, featuring the following themes: LGBTQIA+, Graphic Novels, Nonfiction Picture Books, 2020-21 Backlist Titles, Mindfulness, and Books About Books. The book club is always filled with enriching conversations about the stunning books you have worked on. From gender analysis to design software, we discuss it all. We will continue the ECC Book Club in 2023, with our first meeting being held on January 18, 2023. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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