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National Moon Day

The CBC Holidays Series explores stories that relate to specific holidays so that kid, and adult, readers can celebrate in the best way… with a good book!

On National Moon Day (7/20), we celebrate the first nightlight in the sky that appears after the Sun has set. From night to day, the Moon can change its shape, affect the tides of our oceans, and sometimes appear with the Sun during the day. Let’s cozy up with a book and celebrate our Moon tonight.

CatStronauts: Mission Moon, by Drew Brockington (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) — Fiction, Graphic Novel, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Humor, Animals, ages 7-12.

Full Moon Kisses, by Ellen Schreiber (HarperCollins / Katherine Tegen Books) — Fiction, Prose, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Teen.

Good Night, Baby Moon: A bedtime tale about the moon, by DK (Penguin Random House / DK Children) — Nonfiction, Board Book, Concepts, Science, Animals, ages 0-3.

Moon! Earth’s Best Friend (Our Universe, 3), by Stacy McAnulty; illus. Stevie Lewis (Macmillan / Henry Holt and Co.) — Fiction, Picture Book, Science, Humor, ages 4-6.

Moon’s Cloud Blanket, by Rose Anne St. Romain; illus. Joan C. Waites (Arcadia / Pelican Publishing Company) — Fiction, Picture Book, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Background / Culture, ages 7-12.

The Moon Within, by Aida Salazar (Scholastic) — Fiction, Prose, Coming of Ages, Humor, Background / Culture, ages 7-12.

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me (The World of Eric Carle Series), written and illustrated by Eric Carle (Simon & Schuster / Little Simon) — Fiction, Picture Book, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Humor, Series, ages 4-6.

Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon, by Catherine Thimmesh (Clarion Books) — Nonfiction, Prose, Science, ages 7-12.

Tintin on the Moon: Destination Moon & Explorers on the Moon, written and illustrated by Hergé (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) — Fiction, Graphic Novel, Action / Adventure, Mystery / Thriller, Series, ages 4-6.

Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech (HarperCollins) — Fiction, Prose, Coming of Age, Mental/Physical Health, ages 7-12.

Werewolf Moon: Phases of the Moon, by Juliana Hanford; illus. Cary Pillo (Astra Publishing House / Kane Press) — Fiction, Prose, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action / Adventure, Series, ages 7-12.

What Shape Is the Moon?, by Bo-hyeon Seo; illus. Jeong-hyeon Sohn (Lerner Publishing Group / Big & Small) — Fiction, Prose, Science, Series, ages 4-6.

Join National Moon Day by reading a book!

List compiled by CBC’s resident holiday expert, Sommer Wissner. Check out other CBC Holiday book lists on our blog.

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