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2022 CBC Graphic Novel Committee Programming at San Diego Comic-Con

The CBC Graphic Novel Committee is returning to Comic-Con! This year, we are featuring six AWESOME panels Friday, July 22 at the San Diego Public Library.

Bans Off Our Books! Responding to Challenges

Discussing action items to respond to local and national efforts to challenge or ban books in communities.


  • Moni Barrette – President, Graphic Novel & Comics Round Table, ALA


  • Jeff Smith (BONE) – Scholastic / Graphix
  • Jennifer Lawson – Collection Development Manager, San Diego County Library
  • Rich Johnson – VP of Sales and Business Development, Diamond Books 
  • Yukiko Chavez (along with her student) – Library Media Technician, Vista Unified School District 

Entertainment, Engagement, and Empathy

Librarians often remark that there is a book for every reader, and that adage is finally holding true for comics and graphic novels too! Comics creators share how their approach to comics not only offers readers entertainment, but also opportunities to engage more deeply with difficult topics and build empathy for others. 


  • Matthew Noe – Past-President for ALA’s Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table


  • Jerry Craft (Class Act) – HarperCollins / Quill Tree Books
  • Hope Larson & Rebecca Mock (Salt Magic) – Holiday House / Margaret Ferguson Books
  • Jose Pimienta (Twin Cities) – Scholastic / Graphix
  • Sophie Yanow (The Contradictions) – Drawn & Quarterly

Adventure Beyond the Screen

In today’s digital world, getting kids away from their screens and into a great graphic novel can be a difficult task. In this panel, creators and educators will discuss how to best craft graphic novels – and how to introduce those graphic novels at home, libraries, and classroom settings – to capture the attention of kids who live in a world of constant electronic offerings.  


  • Tina Lerno – Digital Content Librarian and Comics Specialist, Los Angeles Public Library


  • Brett Bean (Zoo Patrol Squad) – Penguin Workshop
  • Shauna J. Grant (Mimi and the Cutie Catastrophe) – Scholastic / Graphix
  • Pablo Leon (Miles Morales: Stranger Tides) – Scholastic / Graphix
  • Dan Santat (The Aquanaut) – Scholastic / Graphix
  • Jake Wyatt (The Well) – Macmillan / First Second

Retold, Reimagined, and Refreshed

Whether it’s adapting Shakespearean classics, creating spinoffs of popular titles from our childhood, or reimagining centuries-old fairy tales and myths, today’s graphic novels offer readers exciting new portals into familiar worlds. Creators discuss how they put their own unique spin on established stories and characters for new readers.


  • Tracy Edmunds – VP of K-12 Education, Reading with Pictures


  • Katy Farina (Baby-Sitters Little Sister) – Scholastic / Graphix
  • Bree Paulsen (Garlic and the Vampire) – HarperCollins / Quill Tree Books
  • Steven Banks (Middle School Bites: Night of the Vam-Wolf-Zom) – Holiday House

Freaking Fantastic! 

From the dark forests of Bone to the surreal dreamscapes of Sandman, the fantasy worlds we find in graphic novels offer readers more than just escapism. By holding up a mirror to our own world, fantasy provides new ways for readers to be inspired and explore complex issues. In this panel, creators will discuss how they create fantastic worlds and characters in their graphic novels, and the ways fantasy can benefit readers of all ages. 


  • Judy Prince-Neeb – Children’s Services Librarian, South Pasadena Public Library


  • Rashad Doucet & Jason Reeves (Pax Sampson Vol. 1: The Cookout) – Oni Press
  • Richard Fairgray (Black Sand Beach 3: Have You Seen the Darkness?) –Holiday House / Pixel+Ink
  • Jey Odin (Hammer) – Quarto / Rockport Publishing
  • Odunze Oguguo (Apple Black) – Quarto / Rockport Publishing

On Beyond Hero! Who’s Behind the Mask?: Exploring identity through graphic novels and story

Are you more of a Batman or a Superman? Is your inner hero inherently who you are or a disguise you wear? In a world where identity has taken on a new life and is at the forefront of discussions across social groups, finding one’s identity has become even more convoluted. Educators and creators discuss the different ways graphic novels and comics can be used to help readers of all ages explore their identities and think about the person behind their own masks. 


  • Lisa Harrison – Rancho Minerva Middle School


  • Diane deGroat (The Adventures of Robo-Kid) – Holiday House / Neal Porter Books
  • Lucas Turnbloom (Steve L. McEvil) – Random House Graphics
  • Nichole Santangelo – Rancho Minerva Middle School STE(A)M teacher
  • Andrew Hudson – Rancho Minerva Middle School

A special thank you to:

  • Maryelizabeth Yturralde, a Southern California independent bookseller and graphic novel expert, for creating the panel themes and organizing the panelists
  • Adam Kullberg, director of Pop Culture Classroom, for organizing the moderators and focusing on the panel themes
  • The fab SDCCI organizers
  • The brilliant book creators, their publishers, and the CBC Graphic Novel Committee members
  • The San Diego Public Library
  • And all the local librarians and teachers, everyday heroes!

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