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On The Amazing Spider-Man

CBC’s History is Lit series revisits comics this week. Our resident comics expert, John McCormack, guest-writes about the Amazing Spider-Man.

Who doesn’t love Spider-Man? (Other than J. Jonah Jameson, of course). The affable, ever-loving wall-crawler turns 60 this year, and it’s gotten me thinking about his history, what he means to me, and how this anniversary is to be cherished. 

Spider-Man as a character has spawned over 4000 comic book appearances (including the approaching 900th issue of Amazing Spider-Man), several movie franchises, an amazing animated series, video games, apparel, and an online debate on the best way to get Spider-Man content. 

Amazing Fantasy #15 released on June 5, 1962, a comic book written by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko & illustrated by Ditko, which introduced Peter Parker to the world. At the time, it was unheard of in comic books to have a teenage lead, but young readers responded so positively that Lee & Ditko ended up making an ongoing (and still going) comic book run. Spider-Man became a permanent fixture in the pantheon of comic history with some of the most iconic storylines of all time.

A quick timeline of notable Spider-Man issues:

Although the timeline can continue, within these issues we meet iconic characters (like Black Cat) which, for a kid discovering his first-ever comic book (issue #353), became life-defining. At around 9 years old, dad would take me to the card and comic store in Loveland, CO to get Pokemon cards if I’d done well in school. On one of those trips, I noticed a comic book with Spider-Man on it and HAD to have it — it was the character from the TV show that I loved! To this day, that comic is safely stored away in a bag and board for safekeeping. 

Spider-Man is an important character in comic book history and for his 60th anniversary, join me in revisiting our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler by picking up a Spider-Man book or watching a Spider-Movie, and falling in love with this pantheon of characters once more.

I’ll go first.

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