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Applications Open for a Fellowship for Muslim Storytellers

Applications Open for Fellowship to Foster Authenticity and Progress in Muslim Storytelling & Children’s Publishing.

The Highlights Foundation is now accepting applications for a two-year fellowship for Muslim Storytellers. The fellowship is funded by a grant with the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art’s (DDFIA) Building Bridges Program.  The fellowship aims to further that bridge-building mission by creating space for more diverse, authentic Muslim narratives for children and young adults, and by addressing common misperceptions of those narratives in the children’s publishing industry.  Aspiring, debut, and established Muslim authors and illustrators living in the US or Canada are invited to apply if their work speaks to children and teens. The hope is that everyone sees space for themselves in this program, including Muslim authors and illustrators with one or more published titles, and Muslim creatives considering telling stories for children and teens.

More information: https://www.highlightsfoundation.org/muslimstorytellers

Read the full press release about the applications for a fellowship to foster authenticity and progress in Muslim storytelling & children’s publishing. 

More information about Highlights Foundation here.

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