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Intern Shoutouts!

We wanted to shine a light on our interns, ten of whom these past 3 years have gone on to get publishing positions and three with us now working remotely and doing great things.

Nick Rodriguez joined us two weeks into the pandemic lockdown and is working on a range of book and award lists and corporate giving research. Julianna Foster is the booksort-for-donations pro and is also doing giving research. And Sommer Wisner is our resident manga expert, researcher, and Book Week poster mailer. We feel very lucky to work with these future publishing stars. 

I also wanted to thank some of our recent “grads”: Arik Hardin at Macmillan and now chair of the ECC committee; Abdoulie Faal, about to go for a fashion degree; Allison Weintraub at HarperCollins; Raaga Rajagopala at Atria; Chelsea Abdullah at Boyds Mills and Kane; and Austin Ruh, now at BookReporter after Carol heard he helped edit 100 Creator Corner video scripts.

This fall will see the arrival of a new group of U. of Denver grads, and we also want to work with Pace grads with Phoebe Ye. Stay tuned and thank you for any and all kindnesses you all have extended to the CBC interns.

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