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Beyond the Page: Adele Griffin

This week we are excited to feature Adele Griffin, author of The Becket List, (Algonquin Young Readers, April 2019). Get to know her through fun questions below.

What is your zodiac sign? Which zodiac sign personality trait do you relate to most and least?

I’m a LEO, which is a good “fake it till you make it” sign for me, reminding me to be brave and bold. It used to feel like the wrong sign, but I’ve come to see it as helpful, like a nudge!

Who is your favorite Sesame Street characters and why?

When I was little, my heart would race for Oscar the Grouch. He just didn’t care. I was raised to be polite and quiet—and Oscar was who he was, and didn’t even get in (much) trouble. He unnerved me at the time. But I liked Sesame Street giving permission for a character to have that unfiltered hermit energy.

What kind of cheese would you be and why?

I’d be a cheese that has to age for decades so that by the time I was rolled out, people would be respecting me as the aged wizard of cheese. I would be smelly, yet proud.

Tell us one fun insider-fact about The Becket List.

In The Becket List, the Mom and Dad are vets, and I was inspired by our friend (who is also our vet) Erin, whose twins are in the same grade as my child. Erin takes such good care of our cat and dog, and is well-known in our neighborhood. She is married to my children’s dentist. I thought it would be fun to give Becket’s parents the same sense of community connection. Also, I can always ask Erin my animal research questions!

Adele Griffin

Adele Griffin is the acclaimed author of Tell Me No Lies and Be True to Me, as well as Sons of Liberty and Where I Want to Be, both finalists for the National Book Award. She lives with her husband and children in Brooklyn, New York. You can find her online at adelegriffin.com or on Twitter: @adelegriffin.

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