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Teenreads Celebrates 20 Years!

We’ve had a great time looking back over the last two decades, asking ourselves: What’s changed and what’s the same? As we reflected, we knew we had to do something BIG to celebrate. We started by creating a list of some of the best young adult books of the last 20 years. We used that list to design the graphic for our special anniversary logo, which you can see above.

Now, let’s get this party started! Below is a list of all of the different ways we’re celebrating:

How DID Teenreads begin? Carol Fitzgerald, the founder of Teenreads, shares the history of the site, including the first book we ever featured — it may surprise you! 

Enter to Win 20 Books in Our Biggest Giveaway EVER! We’ve selected one title from each of the past 20 years. Find out how to enter below.

Hear From YA Authors Who Read Teenreads Over the Last 20 Years! We share comments from 15 young adult authors who discovered Teenreads before they became published authors. Read what Jennifer E. Smith, Kara Thomas, Brian Katcher and a dozen more had to say about what Teenreads has meant to them!

Former — and current — Teen Board members chime in and let us know how they found Teenreads, what it is like to be on the Teen Board and how Teenreads has changed their reading habits.

Before you read on, thanks to all of our readers for a fabulous 20 years as we look ahead to MANY more.

Want to share your own personal story about what Teenreads has meant to you? Drop me a note! We will share comments in our next newsletter — and on the site. 

Party on,

— Rebecca Munro (rebecca@bookreporter.com)

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