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Industry Q&A with Author Leopoldo Gout

Tell us about your
most recent book and how you came to write/illustrate it.

My new book is titled Genius
– The Game
. It is the first in a series of books about child prodigies from
diverse backgrounds who come together to change their stars and the world. The
launch pad for their revolution is a competition called the Game. There, they
will compete with 200 other prodigies in a contest that will not only test
their brains but also challenge their ideals.

Genius – The Game
explores the outer reaches of technology, the explosive power of young minds,
and the bonds of family. It is filled with big ideas and even bigger emotions.
But more than just a book, the Genius series is a movement – it is my call to
the youth of the world: liberate your minds and you can liberate the planet.

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