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Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Now Accepting Applications for 2016-2017 School Year

Kids ages 10-14 with a “nose for news” encouraged to apply

New York, NY – May 17, 2016 – The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, a team of Kid Reporters ages 10-14, is now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 school year. Students with a strong interest in journalism and writing can learn more about the program and the criteria for applying at: www.scholastic.com/kidreporters. Applications must be postmarked by September 23, 2016.

For more than 15 years, the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps has covered, “news for kids, by kids,” reporting on current events, breaking news, and entertainment stories from reporters’ hometowns and around the world.

“Each year, I look forward to working with a new group of talented and enthusiastic Kid Reporters, and I am seeing more talented student-journalists apply every year” said Suzanne McCabe, editor of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps. “This will be an exciting time for our young journalists as we cover the election of a new president and the start of a new administration in the White House. As always, we will continue to bring stories that kids care about to our readers across the country.” 

The current team of Kid Reporters has been busy covering the 2016 Presidential Election, attending rallies, debates, and primary voting events.  They have had the opportunity to interview presidential hopefuls Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.

Kid Reporters have also recently interviewed entertainers, authors, scientists, sports stars, and newsmakers, including filmmaker Ken Burns, actor Anthony Mackie, Harlem Globetrotter Zeus McClurkin, and author Jeff Kinney. To read the Kid Reporters’ stories, visit www.scholastic.com/kidspress

For more information about the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, visit our media room.


Contact: Kristen Joerger, 212-389-3343, kjoerger[@]scholastic.com

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