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Scholastic Announces Nonfiction Holocaust Reader for Classrooms

New York, NY – Scholastic today announced the publication of The Holocaust: The Story of Nazi Persecution and the Impact of Hate on Humanity, a nonfiction reader for Grades 7-10 that covers everything educators need to teach students about the Holocaust. Created by the editors of the company’s award-winning classroom magazines, the reader is a reliable nonfiction resource designed to engage and inform students about the timeline, history, participants, and impact of the Holocaust. For more information, visit: www.scholastic.com/holocaust.

The Holocaust: The Story of Nazi Persecution and the Impact of Hate on Humanity is a 32-page book which includes:

  • High-quality informational texts on the history of the Holocaust, as well as other genocides and the ways young people can help fight hate today;
  • Interviews with survivors and accounts from perpetrators and bystanders;
  • Historic photography and primary source excerpts that give students deeper insight into this global tragedy;
  • Maps and eye-opening infographics perfect for the Social Studies classroom;
  • Online teaching resources including a 16-page Teaching Guide with lesson plans and correlations to the Common Core State Standards;
  • Glossary of important vocabulary and key terms; and
  • Activities and reflections to help build comprehension.

“The Scholastic Holocaust reader presents the complex history of the Holocaust in an engaging, comprehensive and sensitive way. In particular, I am impressed with the way that individual narratives are presented, from the victims to resisters,” said Sophia Sapozhnikov, Director, Holocaust Museum and Studies Center, Bronx High School of Science in New York. “The reader shows the enormity and particularity of this history and elicits student analysis through the reflection questions. It is a remarkable teaching tool that has something for the student and the scholar.”

“The Holocaust is a difficult yet crucially important topic for students to understand. Our goal in creating the reader was to provide a comprehensive look at the history of the Holocaust, as well as how genocide still affects our world today,” said Elliott Rebhun, Editor-in-Chief, Scholastic Classroom Magazines. “We hope that our reader will help students to better comprehend the events of the past and inspire them to work against prejudice and hate in their communities.”

The Holocaust: The Story of Nazi Persecution and the Impact of Hate on Humanity is available now for classrooms. For more information about Scholastic Classroom Magazines, visit our media room: http://mediaroom.scholastic.com/ClassroomMagazines

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