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Literacy Expert Phyllis C. Hunter Shares 10 Ways to Encourage Reading at Home and in School

New York, NY — Renowned literacy expert Phyllis C. Hunter has penned a special series of blog posts on edu@scholastic, Scholastic’s education blog, offering educators and families tips to help motivate even the most reluctant readers at any age to read more. Her timely posts provide actionable ways to deal with a challenge reported in the recently published Kids & Family Reading ReportTM: 5th Edition from Scholastic, which found that fewer kids ages 6 to 17 are reading for fun 5–7 days a week than in years past. Hunter encourages pleasure reading as a critical way that young readers can build vocabulary, comprehension and reading stamina.

Known for coining the phrase “reading is the new civil right,” Phyllis C. Hunter is a former elementary, middle and high school teacher, principal, curriculum and special education specialist, and certified speech and language therapist.

“Connect books and stories to the reader’s life. I haven’t met a sixteen year-old who didn’t want to read the driver’s license manual. Kids want to read what interests them,” she writes in the series.

Read all “Top 10 Ways to Encourage Reading at Home and in School” here:

● Tips 1-4: http://bit.ly/1F5WNSu

● Tips 5-7: http://bit.ly/1AWopK9

● Tips 8-10: http://bit.ly/1wS7VgV

Additional Information about Phyllis C. Hunter:

Phyllis C. Hunter, president of Phyllis C. Hunter Consulting, Inc., is the author of It’s Not Complicated, and her Phyllis C. Hunter Classroom Library, now in its 2nd Edition, remains a Scholastic best seller. She has also served as an advisor to President George W. Bush, Reading Manager under former U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige. More information can be found at www.scholastic.com/phyllishunter.

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