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Steps Towards Improving Diversity in Book Publishing

Ayanna Coleman, associate manager of events and programs at the Children’s Book Council and CBC Diversity Committee Liaison, was among those to offer her professional insight on the matter of diversity. The discussion generated six concrete action points or “hacks” to improve diversity, which range from emulating other industries’ strategies, to harnessing social media and technology:

In response to what we believe is a new level of concern and, it is to be hoped, industry-driven activism to address and embrace diversity, we informally canvassed a selection of book industry professionals and executives in search of fresh, practical ideas—hacks, as it were—that can be used as a template for action on diversity. First we asked our responders to define what they believe diversity means—race, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, and other aspects were cited—within the book publishing profession. We then organized their comments into six hacks, or practical ideas, about how the book industry can begin achieving a diverse and representative workforce. (PW)

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