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DOGObooks Launches Book Clubs with National Geographic Kids


Founded just two years ago, DOGObooks is already the preferred destination for middle school readers to discover and discuss books with their peers. Boasting over 125,000 book selections and 61,000 reviews, it is currently the largest website devoted to children’s books. DOGObooks has teamed up with many of the world’s largest book publishers on various promotional campaigns.

Now DOGObooks, in collaboration with National Geographic Children’s Books, has launched its first book club. The book club will help promote the publisher’s offerings through monthly themes connecting to its titles. Members will be further engaged through book previews, giveaways, games, badges and more. The National Geographic Kids Book Club has already gained over 1,000 active members. 

Ruth Chamblee, Director of Marketing at National Geographic Kids Books, is confident that the book club will ignite kids’ inherent curiosity:

Kids are naturally curious about the world, and our goal is to nurture their interests and inspire a lifelong love of reading and learning. We think the National Geographic Kids Book Club on DOGObooks is a great way to do that.

Meera Dolasia, Founder of DOGOBooks is also optimistic about the collaboration:

With our double digit growth each of the last two years, book clubs and series pages are a natural evolution for DOGObooks. Though publishers invest great resources in creating online destinations for kids, they often fail to grab their attention. By creating or hosting these services on DOGObooks, they can raise awareness of new book releases, much more effectively and economically.

Visit the National Geographic Kids Book Club on DOGObooks

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