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Daniel Handler Introduces a New Indies First Initiative Called Upstream

This would allow indie book shops that are not located in big cities to sell autographed books to their customers. Handler wrote a letter and posted it online in the hopes of persuading authors to participate. Check out a small section from his message:

“While all this fierce sword fighting rages on without you, you may find yourself feeling even more hapless and hopeless than authors usually do, while your local independent bookstore struggles with a similar feeling that it’s some sort of jungle out there. As a tonic, allow me to suggest a new program, cooked up by assorted interested parties and named, after some tipsy debate, Upstream. The idea is to connect authors with their local independent booksellers to offer signed books as an alternative to, say, larger and more unnerving corporate machinations. Upstream was test-piloted this summer and is now spreading steadily, like optimism or syphilis.”

To date, several children’s books authors have given their support for Indies First including National Book Award winner Sherman Alexie, the current National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Kate DiCamillo, and Newbery Medal winner Neil Gaiman. Alexie helped to launch the movement. DiCamillo spearheaded the Indies First Storytime Day celebration. Gaiman will team up with his wife Amanda Palmer to serve as a spokespeople for this year’s Small Business Saturday event. (The American Booksellers Association Website)

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