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The Harry Potter Alliance & the World-Changing Power of Children’s Books

Naysayers have questioned whether or not these types of actions actually help to bring about positive change. However, the organization’s efforts have yielded great results including: 200,000 books donated to build libraries, a push for marriage equality that contributed to the passage of an act in two states, and a partnership with John and Hank Green that pulled in more than $120,000 in fundraising to aid the victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

“Behind such efforts is a lesson that’s well-understood by the HPA, the Green brothers, and the marketing team behind The Fault in Our Stars. It’s one of enormous importance to those in the social innovation community, whose messages and engagement tactics too often fall on deaf ears. ‘We’ve seen stories put to a lot of bad use,’ says Slack. ‘It’s time for the good guys to use them. It’s time to get beyond the technocratic details that make activism boring and respect how we as human beings communicate.'”

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