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Lemony Snicket Interviews Kate DiCamillo

“Lemony Snicket: Sometimes we think, Only do things to make our previous selves feel better. I was at a table once with a bunch of writers and we all went around saying what age we were stuck at. I was the oldest, at 23. What age are you stuck at?
Kate DiCamillo: I am stuck at 10 years old. I think. Although the general stuck-ness of my twenties haunts me to this day.
LS: So what kid were you at 10?
KD: Shy. Hopeful. Terrified. Hopeful. Laughed a lot. Big-eyed. Hopeful.
LS: Oh, hopeful. I like that. What were you hoping for?
KD: Hopeful that everything would work out right in the end.”

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