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Sylvan Dell Debuts New Spanish Titles

Focusing on developments in education Sylvan Dell debuted Spanish in their eBook read-aloud feature in 2007, with over 10,000 schools in the US and Canada having enjoyed eBook Site License access. With the fall 2012 printing Sylvan Dell will debut five of the new titles Desert Baths / Las duchas en el desierto, The Most Dangerous / Los más peligrosos, Solar System Forecast / El pronóstico del sistema solar, The Tree That Bear Climbed / El árbol que trepó el oso and A Warm Winter Tail/ Un invierno muy abrigador. Nine backlisted titles chosen for Spanish printing include Big Cat Little Kitty / Felino grande, gatito, Champs Story: Dogs Get Cancer Too! / La historia de Campeona: ¡A los perros también les da cáncer!, Count Down to Fall / El conteo regresivo del otoño, Meet the Planets / Conoce los planetas, The Penguin Lady / La dama de los pingüinos, Ten for Me / Diez para mí, My Even Day / Mi día par, One Odd Day / Un día non and Sort it Out! / ¡Clasifícalo!.

Learning a new language is a challenge in itself, but learning math and science in a new language presents an even greater challenge to students. Sylvan Dell is looking to bridge this language-learning barrier at a young age. Many statistics wrapped around standardized testing, support integrating second language learning at an elementary level, which is shown to improve test scores.

Whether a child is learning English or Spanish as a second language, the cross-curricular platform that integrates math and science is a valuable tool for teachers and parents. With this new printing, the Sylvan Dell tools remain the same, and at www.sylvandellpublishing.com teaching activities and quizzes are available in English to integrate the new language into lesson plans.

Sylvan Dell is striving to improve child literacy with science and math through fictional picture books. Using prose and pictures, children are delighted with stories of their favorite animals, planets, or even place, which leads to the exploration of facts and learning activities in each book’s For Creative Minds pages. Sylvan Dell carefully designs each book to accurately portray the chosen subject, vetted by experts in that field and aligned to common core and state standards for science and math they are an asset to educational programs. Sylvan Dell has grown to include more than 80 authors and illustrators, and honored to have won more than 70 book awards since its inception in 2004.

The Spanish language editions will be available in August along with the release of six new titles; the hardcover may be pre-ordered through Sylvan Dell Publishing. For more information, contact Heather Williams at (877) 243-3457 or by email heatherwilliams@sylvandellpublishing.com.

Contact: Heather Williams, Public Relations
Phone: (877) 243-3457
E-Mail: heatherwilliams@sylvandellpublishing.com

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