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Hispanics & Latine Resources

Hispanics & Latine Resources

The CBC has compiled some great booklists, articles, and resources for home and classroom to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond. Did you know it’s the only holiday to start and end in different months? Did you know its start date is important to mark many independence days in Latin American countries? Find these facts and more at the links below plus some great reads to explore this important heritage and language.




More Resources

  • Book and educational resources about the Black Lives Matter movement and Anti-Racist resources for young readers of all ages.
  • Fun and educational resources, activities, discussion guides, teacher guides and more for our time at home with children of all ages.
  • Books and resources on Strong and Courageous Women, who have been leaders for change.
  • And more socially inclusive booklists and resources will continue to come throughout the year!


PUBLISHERS: if you wish to share your Strong Women & Real Change or other socially inclusive books and resources, please email laura.peraza@cbcbooks.org.



  • Anti-Racist Resources

    Anti-Racist Resources

  • Strong Women & Real Change

    Strong Women & Real Change

  • At Home Resources

    At Home Resources

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