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The Wild Robot Escapes | March 28, 2018

By Peter Brown (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)

The Wild Robot is one of my top ten favorite books of all time, so I was a bit timid going into book 2.  While I knew I would enjoy The Wild Robot Escapes, I didn’t think it could possibly be AS lovely, AS thoughtful, AS insightful as the first book.  I was mistaken.  The Wild Robot Escapes echoes its predecessor as a seemingly simple story with a great deal to say about our world.

We follow our heroine, Roz, as she attempts to return to her friends and family after being taken away from them by the corporation that built her.  She must, yet again, learn to adapt to her circumstances to win the hearts of her new companions, hoping they will help her in her quest.  Peter Brown introduces a myriad of new characters in this new book, some of whom—for the first time!—are human.  Though our setting and cast of characters are drastically different than they were in book one, we are exploring deeper the emotions, instincts, and morals set up by that first book; the exploration of humanness may be portrayed through new characters, but the message of love and acceptance rings just as true as it always has.

Classically written and dusted with beautiful illustrations, The Wild Robot Escapes is a truly wonderful follow-up to a deeply moving first book.

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