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Walk Through Appalachian Children’s Literature

This exhibit boasts life-size characters from Appalachian children’s literature–including stories from the late 1800’s to today. Over 50 books will be on display for attendees to read and interact with. Toys, clothes, and music from Appalachia will also enhance the learning experience. 

“Few things capture our hearts and senses more vividly than children’s books. They ignite our imaginations and help bring structure and understanding to a developing mind. As children, we learn much about the world through the pages of a book. Our stories and books shape and inform us. They guide us into adulthood. And they help define us. 

Perhaps more than any other region, Appalachia has captured our nation’s imagination. It’s a land where the blue smoke of the mountains, the self-sufficiency of life in a holler, and the singsong of an enthralling storyteller come together in a near mythic culture. Appalachia is a land about which stories are told.”

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