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Global Literature: Educating the Head While Touching the Heart

Join Mitali Perkins and others as they discuss the importance of diversity in children’s books.

This special interest group session seeks to celebrate the depth and breadth, the infinite and ever-growing variety of global literature. By highlighting 25 of the best recently published books for children and teens that explore issues of diversity, the panelists will raise audience awareness and offer teaching suggestions so the books may be used in the classroom. Author Mitali Perkins whose books have explored elements of culture in a moving fashion will share her thoughts about her storytelling process and the importance of making sure that everyone’s story is told.

Co-Presenter(s): Karen Hildebrand, Delaware City Schools; Mitali Perkins, Charlesbridge Publishers; Jennifer Sanders, Oklahoma State University; and Deanna Day, Washington State University, Vancouver.

Location: Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Room CC11A, Chicago, IL

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