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Books That Rise Above Workshop

Workshop Information

Begins Oct. 5 Friday at 6 p.m. with dinner; ends Oct. 7 after lunch. Writers who want to understand the elements of excellence in children’s literature.

Event Cost: $695

Workshop Description: Tens of thousands of manuscripts cross the desks of children’s book editors every year. Only a few thousand rise above the rest to make their way to library and bookstore shelves. Fewer still end up on awards lists or become “evergreen”—books that continue to sell long after their “pub date.” A handful make their way onto “best books” lists, and of those, only a few will become “classics”—books that will be read by generation after generation of children. Before one can raise the level of his or her writing and illustrating, one must understand how excellence in children’s literature is measured. This colloquium is for serious writers—those willing to leave their manuscripts at home and spend a weekend looking at how high the bar really is when it comes to excellence in children’s literature. Join an exquisite panel of children’s literature’s best, including Linda Sue Park, Deborah Heiligman, Leonard S. Marcus, Patricia Lee Gauch, and Elizabeth Bird as they share with you the secrets to make your books rise above the rest.

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