Three Scoops and a Fig

Three Scoops and a Fig

by Sara Laux Akin

Sofia is determined to make something extra special for Nonno and Nonna. But mamma mia! She splatters Papa’s tomato sauce all over the kitchen, causes Mama’s bread to rise like a giant marshmallow, and flings Mario’s pizza dough into a ceiling fan! No one wants the help of such a little cook! Sofia retreats with Figaro to the comfort of her favorite swing in the branches of a big, leafy fig tree. Then, with a whoosh! of wind and the plop! of a juicy fig, Sofia gets an idea for a very special treat for her beloved grandparents.

Ages: 4-8
Illustrated by: Susan Kathleen Hartung
ISBN: 9781561455225
Price: $15.95
Published by: Peachtree


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