The Ernie and Maud 4 Volume Set

The Ernie and Maud 4 Volume Set

by Frances Watts

Ernie Eggers is thrilled when he wins the chance to become a superhero — until he finds out that his sidekick is a sheep! Maud, though, proves to be every bit as marvelous as her name suggests. This fantastic boxed set, filled with all of Extraordinary Ernie and Marvelous Maud’s zany adventures, is sure to delight and entertain any reader who has dreamt of being a hero.

Ages: 7-12
Illustrated by: Judy Watson
ISBN: 9780802854056
Price: $24.00
Published by: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers


  • The Loose Ends List
  • Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens Tale
  • Firstlife
  • Walk The Edge
  • The Problem with Forever
  • Legacy of Kings
  • The Notorious Pagan Jones
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves
  • What We Left Behind
  • Front Lines
  • Burning Glass
  • Hello, My Name is Octicorn
  • Bounders
  • Withering-by-Sea
  • Poison is Not Polite: A Wells & Wong Mystery
  • The Tale of a No-Name Squirrel
  • The Flinkwater Factor
  • Bloom
  • Hatshepsut of Egypt
  • Artemisia of Carria
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