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The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire

The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire

by Dan Howell and Phil Lester

Since uploading their first ever videos as teenagers, Dan and Phil have become two of the world’s biggest YouTube stars. Now they invite you on a behind-the-scenes journey, filled with absolutely essential advice, tons of humor, lots of awkwardness, and TMI honesty that they will probably regret. Here’s just a small sample of the fun surprises readers can look forward to:

  •  The inside story of that time they met One Direction.
  • Excerpts from Phil’s teenage diary.
  • Reasons why Dan’s a fail (so far).
  • How to draw the perfect cat whiskers.
  • Reasons why Phil was such a weird kid (back then).
  • Quizzes! Which of their dining room chairs represents you emotionally?
  • What really happened in Vegas. . . .

In The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire, Dan and Phil are candid, heartfelt, and hilarious. Their struggles and success haven’t changed their strong friendship or their core belief that it’s okay to be weird. The cat whiskers come from within!

Ages: Teen
ISBN: 9781101939840
Price: $18.99
Published by: Random House Children's Books


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