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The Blue Planets World (Sleepers Book 1)

The Blue Planets World (Sleepers Book 1)

by Darcy Pattison

A rogue militia. A diabolical sabotage.  Is an alien teen is the only hope for either blue planet?

Sleepers is the first book of an exciting science fiction trilogy that forces a dying world to beg for refuge on Earth. A test-tube baby, fourteen-year-old Jake Rose is half human and half alien. He’s lived on Rison with his mother, Dayexi Quad-de, who is now the Risonian ambassador to Earth. She’s tasked with finding Risonians a new home on Earth in a peaceful manner. Jake accidentally discovers that Earth’s elite ELLIS forces are trying to sabotage Mt. Rainier in hopes of an eruption that they can blame it on the Risonian aliens. Can Jake stop them in time or will they ruin the Risonians chances at a refuge on Earth?

Ages: 7-12
ISBN: 9781629440712
Price: $25.99
Published by: Mims House


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